No wonder the music "industry" still believe the 80's to be a joke... when not even the musicians from back then, have the guts to stand up for the stuff they did in the past. Time and time again we'll have to witness the same old sob story by some of our heroes: "Man, I can't believe the shit we played back then!! Thank God that I finally woke up and decided to play Grunge, Skateboard Punk, Industrial Rock" or whatever....

Geeez... you would think they'd learn their lession by now, but just the other week yet another rockstar decided to spill his guts out. Saying how embarrassed he was about the fact that he ever was a part of the 80's hardrock scene. Oh Crap!!! Have you ever bumped into a 80's band that actually had better record sales with their "new stuff" than their original music? Nah, I didn't think so... and they usally go back to playing their 80's music after awhile anyway right?

Is big hair, hairspray, spandex, way too much make-up, and lots of other shit, the same as bad music???? Of course not... but that's pretty much the general opinion by the so called enstablished "music journalists" core out there. Let me ask you this... how often haven't you witnessed these "journalist's" on TV, Radio or Magazine's talkin' and braging about their knowledge about the music scene in the 80's. They always make sure to mention the outrageous image, the glamour, the drugs, oh yeah and the dead poodles on their head right?... but you don't hear them talk much about the music do ya?

When was the last time you heard Rolling Stones, Fleetwod Mac, Greatful Dead or any other old farts-band from the 60's, saying how "embarrassed" they are about the music they did back then.... or that their fans should really be embarrassed by still playing their old records. Hell NO! At least they don't make a total ass out of theirselves by denying all their musical past.

I guess that you're all thinking it's a darn big difference between the 60's rock and the 80's here. Wrong! It's not that big a difference after all really!! Every generation creates their own music, style and popular bands. I really don't see why suddenly one generation would have to be more ashamed about their music than the other.

It absolutely kills me that some only thinks about Kip Winger's hairdo, Beavis & Butthead and Metallica throwing darts at his poster, when someone mention 80's hardrock. Not that Winger is one of the better bands from the 80's, far from it actually. But do remember that Melodic Hardrock, Hairmetal, Glamrock etc. sold millions and millions albums with one US #1 hit after the other throughout the whole 80's. [The first hardrock album to hit the Billboard #1 was, believe it or not: Quiet Riot's - Metal Health back in 83].

By the way, Metallica was a darn good Thrash band in the 80's [Ride The Lightning is one of my all-time fave albums] and look at them now... my oh my. Here's a advice to all you 80's rockstars: If you can't find anything good to say about your days back then. At least have the good sense to shut up about it and don't come crying to your fans and telling them, they should really be embarrassed for still playing your old records. BULLSHIT!!! Those old records are still bringing you food on the table every darn day!!! There were of course a lot of crappy bands with crappy releases back then. But the main point is: Don't mess with my 80's and I wont mention all the crappy bands from the 60's, 70's 90's or whatever.

Urban "Wally" Wallström