PHIL VINCENT, the man of many projects and 1000 faces? You may recognize the U.S. of A rocker from bands such as TRAGIK, LEGION, CRANSTON. D'ERCOLE, CHINAWHITE, etc. Not to mention a truck load of solo albums ever since the mid nineties. HYPOCRITE - the latest solo effort by Vincent and it's a diverse sounding platter in the style of... ehhh... Rock!!! Here's PHIL VINCENT:

After all the solo/band/project albums. How difficult is it for you to come up with new and different ideas?

Not difficult at all. I seem to have a vivid imagination and also a good support system at home so between my personal life, my daily activities and interactions with people and just sitting watching a movie or Tv, there is an untapped wealth of lyrical subjects. as far as the music portion, I listen to so much great music that I'm constantly inspired to create my own versions of my influences.

It's a diverse sounding album? Several different styles of rock? You're not afraid to scare away potential buyers?

I don't want to sound pretentious, but the Beatles, Queen, Yes, even Foreigner never released albums with all the songs in one style. Why did that stop? All my music is rock oriented because that's all I know but like I said earlier, it's emotion based so that dictates the mood of the song. The same style over and over after 11 songs wouldn't be interesting to me. And now that digital media is ruling the sales model people can buy individual songs so mass appeal is easier than before in my opinion.

You're not ever afraid to change around your sound/style too much? (regarding: expectations)

Not at all. The title track of my new album has some screaming vocals. I like to listen to some of that music once in awhile. Lamb of God, Pantera, Mudvayne,.. it is very aggressive and always gets my blood pumping.

"There's nothing inside me but lies". So, what lies behind the title - Hypocrite?

Did you ever meet a person who seemed to be so nice and friendly and gained your trust only to find out they were talking behind your back the entire time they knew you? Those are the people I'm talking about. Unfortunately, I've met too many of them and let too many in my life.

Kindly inform us about 'Back In The Day'. It clocks in at 7 minutes and there's a Pomp/Supertramp keyboard sound?

The song reminds me of the music I grew up on back in the day. Boston, Styx, Kansas, Journey...etc... all bands that I still listen to. I wanted to write a song about the bands who influenced the song. I think i nailed it. LOL!!!

What inspired you to write "Nobody's Gonna Miss You"?.

As I grow older I see how the elderly are dismissed and pushed aside like they don't matter anymore just because they're old. That's very scary because every one of us will be that age someday and it seems like society is saying "go away. Nobody's gonna miss you anyway." Very sad.

Do tell us something about the writing process and what you're trying to capture.

I write whatever I feel at that particular time. Anger, sadness, rage, joy, love...just my emotions translated through music. At least I hope it's translated. hahahahahaha

What kind of input did your record company have during the process?

Rock Company is the BEST label I have ever worked with. They are honest, trustworthy, and trusting. Pete Cox runs it and doeas a spectacular job. He just signed my other band Legion and is releasing our new album "Rising" later this month. It's SO refreshing having a label that supports the music and doesn't act as a conspirator.

Are you the workaholic/control freak? (music-wise)

I work best alone because I do tend to dictate but I'm not a dictator. I'm an only child so I'm very stubborn and sometimes I lock horns with people and don't want to give an inch. Paul Sabu and I had a few disagreements on the last Cranston album but it all worked out in the end. Sometimes the tension feeds the song.

What's the idea behind the change of sleeve/art-cover from your previous work?

Do you mean why aren't there half naked babes on the cover?? Well, I think I took that as far as I could. I wasn't trying to exploit the models because that's what they posed for and that is their living but i was just trying to make my albums resemble some of my favorite albums from "Back in the Day". Poison, Motley Crue, Santana's "Abraxas", they all are etched in my memory just because of their covers.

What ten albums are your desert island discs?

1. Airborne (Beau Hill version) s/t
2. Abbey Road (Beatles)
3. Animals(Pink Floyd)
4. A Night at the Opera (Queen)
5. Hell Bent for Leather (Priest)
6. Piece of Mind(Maiden)
7. Wheels of Steel (Saxon)
8. Boston s/t
9. Starz s/t
10. Mayday s/t

If there's anything you'd like to add, say, please do:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions and for allowing me to talk music. It's my passion and my life and I love everything about it so please feel free to ask me more questions down the road if you ever feel the need. And please check out all my music at

Take Care, Phil

Interview by: Urban Wally Wallstrom
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