Zinny Here´s an interview with ZINNY ZAN (ex-Easy Action,King Pin,Shotgun Messiah & Zan Clan) Singer, By Urban and first published on CATCHY HOOKS Website. Read about The Problems that Easy Action had with Poison and most of all Read about Zinny´s new Solo album (out later this Year or early next year)

Hey ZINNY ! First of all..Please tell us everything about your new album !!! Will it be a Glam/Sleaze album like Easy Action/Shotgun Messiah? and when can we expect it to be released ??
Regarding my first solo album ,I am afraid it wont come out until late nov or even early dec. The reasons are many but it will come out this year. I have a hard time label if it will sound like Shotgun messiah or not. But I believe that I will leave my traditional trademark even on this album.

It´s been a while since your latest release The "ZAN CLAN"  CD back in 1994.What have you been up to since and whatever
happened to the second ZAN CLAN album ???
I have been taking care of my  at that time fucked up personal life and a year ago I became a father to my first child Yasmine.After fixing my personal life and splitting up Zan Clan I started to write music again,but that happen after a year of vacation from music.The second Zan Clan album was recorded but there were troubles with the new record company + within the band so I decided to call it of.

You´re known as Sweden´s most famous GLAM/Sleaze vocalist,but you started out as a Drummer ! Tell us a little bit about your
days behind the drums..who did you play with ?? (bands/people)
That's right  u are well informed I hear. I started out as a drummer and played for about 7 years. The only known people I played with was the first trembling steps
of Hanoi Rocks at that time called the Nymphomaniacs.

You joined EASY ACTION in 1982 ! How did that happen ? and how come that you wanted to start a band with Peo Tyren & Freddie Von Gerber (both at the time only known from the "wimpy" bubblegum Pop band "NOISE")
I had just landed a record deal with Sanji Tandan for Tandan records One night I met Peo and Kee and they had a deal with Tandan as well.They asked me if I had material for a whole album, if not they would like to co write songs with me.My thoughts of Peo at that time was not to high ( since I absolutely hated his old band Noice) But Kee was such a nice guy and a hell of a guitar player to so we jammed and after a few times we said to hell with this lets make a killer Glam band.

Ok ! What about that POISON story ? Did you guys (Easy Action)ever get any money from them ?? They kinda stole your song "We go rocking" and turned it into "I want action" on their first album "Look what the cat dragged in"
Yes it took until 1989 but we got our money.I must say that CC Deville was the only cool guy about this law suit We actually hung out while this was going on.

What you tell me about the movie "Blood Tracks" ? I´ve never seen it (Ed´s note: EASY ACTION recorded two songs for the horror movie and
did some "acting") Not much to say about it save your soul and don't see it( ask me I got a copy)

After one album with Easy Action you left to form the band Dream Police ! Who besides you played in that band and did you record anything ? (there was also a band from Norway with the same name)
No we never recorded anything that came out on cd.

Then came the King Pin/Shotgun Messiah years ! I still listen a lot to the first album (it rocks) What do you think about it now 11-12 years later ? 
I still think it is a cool album for that time,of course there's thing I would like to re do but it is a cool rocking album for that time.

The whole band moved to the states in 1988 any regrets from those years  ? or any funny stories you wanna tell us about
I cant say I have any regrets from those days we had a great time musically and concert wise and it was a good experience to see how it really works in music business.however the tension between us were there all the time but America was a new situation and I know that we enjoyed it very much all of us.( no fucking wonder it was our dream coming true)There are so many funny and also tragic stories around us from that time that we would need a few beers to go through them.call me and we will arrange it (Ed´s note: More Info will follow)

Did you leave or where you told to leave Shotgun Messiah ?
I was told to leave Shotgun Messiah and got no reason why.Tim and Harry and I were never close friends,we just did a great job together when we wrote music it worked out fine but on personal basis it really sucked so they kicked me out without a reason but then again the reason was in our faces all the time.

Are there any recordings left from the Grand Slam days ? I guess that both "Youngblood & Private hell" on the ZAN CLAN
album are both from GRAND SLAM ??
Yes there are recordings and even a live video some real good stuff if you ask me.
Yes Youngblood and Private hell is from the Grand Slam days ,but the songs sounded so much better with Grand Slam.The Zan Clan album I would very much like to forget. the sound and a lot of the songs weren't good enough to be put out sorry fans if I made you disappointed.

Will there ever be a Easy Action or Shotgun Messiah Reunion ?
There was an Easy Action reunion in 1989 in Stockholm Last night of the Glam gods it was great I got it on tape and on video as well.It was recorded so we could put out an album live ,but that never happened .Shotgun reunion NO WAY let the songs be remembered as they were.We would never do them justice today cause there s been to much shit between us guys that you just don't forget and we would not be able to be on the same stage

Please tell us about your future plans
I am almost finished with my first solo album with help from Kee Marcello (Easy Action, Europe) and a few others.title will be CITY BOY BLUES.

Many Thanx to ZINNY ///  More Info about the Glam Legend will follow .....